The following are stories written by my admirers.


  • Sheryl, I can picture you in a room waiting for me to arrive and fullfil your need for sexual contact. You are sitting on the bed in just your underwear as you prepare yourself for a lustfilled night. I am already more than twenty minutes late and you are getting frustrated, not wanting to wait any longer for me to come and take care of you.

    You lean your head back and begin to imagine me walking in with a huge erection. Your hands begin to caress your breasts and you wish it was me there, exploring your sensuous body with my fingers. You remove your bra and play with your nipples with one hand, while the other glides down your stomach making its way to your already moist pussy.

    You close your eyes as your fingers reach under your underwear and through you pubic hair to find your swollen clit. Slowly you begin tofinger you hot cunt, wishing it was my tongue licking the insides of your thighs. You lay back on the bed with your eyes still closed and you spread your legs wide open. You let out a soft moan as your finger slides into your dripping hole, wishing that it was my hard cock sliding into you. Your breathing grows heavier as you beging to pump your fingers in and out of your cunt.

    You are on the verge of an orgasm when you hear a noise from above you. As your eyes open, you are suprised to see that it is me standing next to the bed, already undressed and stroking my cock. You are slightly embarassed when you realize that I have been there for quite some time, watching you masturbate.

    Actually I would enjoy continuing to just watch you but I decide to help you some. First I have you take the rest of your clothes off. I reach down and begin to rub your clit with my fingers. They quickly get covered with your juices and I lift them to my mouth to taste your sweetness. This gets me hungry for more. I lower my head between you legs and begin to lick the insides of your thighs. The sight and smell of your already very wet pussy is driving me crazy. I stick my tongue out and start licking your dripping pussy. Do you want me to keep licking until you cum?  I would love to fuck you with my face and suck your fluids out of you for hours but I think your almost ready to cum now. You buck your hips and your legs begin to shake as your cum drenches your thighs and my face. I continue to suck on your cunt but more and more of your fluids keep pouring out and eagerly lap up as much as I can. I lift my head up and give you a smile. You look like you really enjoyed my tongue and maybe I'll let you feel it again later.

    I get up and climb onto the bed next to you. I gaze deep into your eyes as I gently stroke your cheek. My fingertips run over your soft lips, caressing your gentle face. Now I reach over and kiss your neck and shoulders and let my hands wander down to your breasts. My fingers gently pinch the nipples. I love the feel of them in my hands but slowly replace them with my lips and teeth. Would you like me to kiss and suck your titties?

    After I've had my fill, I lower my head even further to your stomach, leaving a trace of licks and kisses. As I push my tongue into your belly button I each my hands back between your legs and find that you are ready for more. But instead of diving between your legs, I get up and move to your head.

    With my knees above your shoulders, I lean forward so that my cock is just above your mouth and then lower my head between your legs. Slowly I start to lick your clit again and fuck you with my tongue. I feel your hands stroking the length of my shaft. You reposition yourself slightly and open your mouth to sucking my penis all of the way down your throat. I moan with delight, loving the feel of your tongue working the sides. As I continue to lick your sweet pussy, I pull my cock back out of your mouth but only to push it back in. I am in total ectasy as I fuck mouth with my aching prick.

    You roll onto your side while we continue to fuck each others faces. Your hands are messaging my balls and my fingers are deep inside of you. The whole room is filled with the sounds of slurping and our moans of pleasure. I wrap my arms around your waist and pull you tight against my face. At last our efforts are rewarded. Your legs squeeze together, crushing my head and, at the same time, I jerk my hips forward, forcing my cock all of the way down your throat.

    Your sweet honey gushes out of you as I release a huge load of cum into your mouth. We both lay there for a while, catching our breaths and eventually I turn around and lay next to you again. You put your head on my chest and we both lay there quietly and content for now. Your hand is on my stomach as you watch my cock shrink back to its normal size. I run my hands through your hair and try to imagine what's going on in your mind. You raise your head and look into my eyes with a big smile on your face.

    Your hand reaches down and begins to rub my softening cock. As you stroke it I imagine that it's not your hand but your hot pussy sliding up and down the length. It isn't long until it begins to get hard again and ready to fuck your cunt. I roll over and get on top of you, placing the head of my penis at your entrance.

    I slide my cock just a little bit into your waiting pussy, getting you ready for what is to come. As I pull it back out, I rub the head back and forth over your clit. I then push it back in a little and do it all over again. After what seem like hours of this I finally push my cock deep into you and begin to fuck hard and fast. In out out it goes until the bed starts rocking to our rythm. Then with one final thrust my cum shoots into you, filling your pussy with my seed. I collapse on top of you and lay there with you in my arms.


  • Love your pictures - I just finished mastrubating in front of them and, WOW.., WOW! I was thinking the whole time just how gently, but firmly you were sucking on my cock while I mastrubated. I could almost feel those beautiful lips holding my cock. I wanted so much to have my cock suddenly between your enormous breasts and cum on your knowing smile...I REALLY feel like I could cum inside of your mouth at any second! I really enjoy thinking that I could have those luscious lips around my cock. I'd love to plunge my red hot poker into your throbbing pussy... whether your husband was watching or not! I want to feel my hard cock buried in your face... I want you to cum as I thrust my penis deep inside your vagina... I want you to EXPLODE with passion as I invade the depths of your cunt and spurt my hot jizm where only your husband has dared to plant his seed ...and all the while I'd like your husband to silently watch.
  • Sheryl, Your pictures are fantastic. I just love them! If I were to make love to you, I guess I'd have to start by kissing those full lips of yours very passionately, tenderly, and deeply, holding you in my arms so I can feel the fullness of your breasts pressing up against me. Then I'd kiss your cheeks and down your neck, all the while planting warm, wet kisses as I go along... Being a person that just loves a woman with a full breast such as yours I would take and pay special attention to yours. Licking each nipple till it was full and hard and softly sucking and nursing on first one then the other.. mmmmmmmmmm... makes my heart skip a beat thinking of doing that! Cupping each breast in my hands as I nibble and suck on each one. All the while stopping long enough to go back and give you another deep kiss, then retrace my kisses back to where I just was.

    As I work my way down your fantastic body.. my hands will be softly caressing your skin.. roaming over your soft flesh, down over your tummy.. around your hips, down between your legs stoppping to caress your pussy so very very softly. WOW!! Your fantastic.. My kind of woman!

  • You invite me over an when I arrive, you are wearing a low-cut black lacy bra and matching panties with black stockings. We sit down on a sofa and before I know it, you are kissing me deeply and removing my shirt. I return the kiss and start to caress you breasts. You reach for my pants as our tongues probe each other and I start to squeeze a nipple through the bra.

    Within minutes I am naked and your tits are both exposed out of the top of the bra. I start to lick your breasts slowly. Kissing around them, then gently on the nipples and then to suck gently on the nipples. I alternate between each breast and your mouth as I cover your neck, lips, cheeks, chest, and breasts with soft kisses.

    You manage to turn around facing me and straddle me. I can reach you even better as I start to suck harder on your firm nipples as I squeeze your soft breasts. You lift your bottom, slide towards me and manage to pull the panties out of the way and impale yourself on my cock. You lift up and down, thrusting deep into your wanting pussy as your muscles squeeze on my dick and I continue to suck on your nipples.

    From the manipulations on your breasts and my cock deep in your pussy, you start to have and orgasm. Your pussy ripples against my cock and you sense me getting close as well as I start to bite lightly on your nipples and suck even harder. You lift yourself off of me and pull away. You then kneel in front of me and put your sweet mouth around my cock. You suck lightly at first, licking your juices off of my dick. I caress your lovely hair as you start to give me a wonderful blow job.

    As I get close again, you take my cock and squeeze your breasts around it. You gently pump your breasts up and down around my cock. The soft warm supple flesh feels so good and as I start to convulse in an orgasm, you let the first spurt fly onto your chest and breasts (knowing I will suck your breasts again to clean it up) and then you pump my cock with your mouth to catch the final bit of my cum.

    You smile at my and kiss me deeply, passing me some of my own cum. As you knew, I start to lick across your chest and breasts and nurse at your breasts again. As I continue to caress your soft breasts and suck on your nipples, I move a hand toward your pussy. You are very wet and three fingers slide readily in. I start to fuck your pussy with my fingers and rub my thumb over your clit as I suck on your breasts.

    I must taste your sweet pussy and I push you back onto the sofa as I pull away. I spread your pussy open , seeing the glistening juices on your lips as I do so. I start to lick your lips and into your hole. I start lightly at first, then as you start to moan, I insert my fingers again and start to suck and lick harder. I suck on your clit as I fuck your pussy with my fingers.

    I lift on leg up towards your head and your asshole is now visible. A take turns licking over your asshole, kissing and caressing your ass, and sucking on your clit and pussy. You start to pull on your nipples as another orgasm approaches. My licking of your asshole sends you over the edge as I fuck your pussy with four fingers and lick your asshole.

    Your body convulses as I feel your pussy clench against my fingers. You cry out as your pussy ripples over my hand and I continue to lick your sweet asshole. I kiss your ass and then your pussy, then moving up to kiss each breast and finally your mouth. As I kiss you, I am practically laying across your body and you feel my hard dick against your pussy. As we kiss deeply, you ask me to fuck you.

    It doesn't take much manipulation and my cock is in your gaping pussy, thrusting in and out. I can feel your pussy against my cock as I pump as deep as I can into your pussy. All the while we are kissing and I'm squeezing your magnificent breasts. As you start to convulse in your third orgasm, I can't hold out any more as I start to cum deep in your pussy.

    As your orgasm subsides, you push me onto the floor and straddle my face with your pussy. My cum starts to drip out, combined with your juices and I start to suck on your pussy again. After a bit, your pussy is pretty muck licked dry and you lay next to me. I lay my head on your soft bosom and kiss you softly as I fall asleep at your breast.

  • I imagine her on her knees in front of me as I view her pictures, licking her tounge up and down my shaft. Then she slowly bobs her head up and down, sucking my cock as she strokes my wet shaft as I fondle her huge breasts and pinch her nipples. As I climax, I look down to see my cum oozing out of her full mouth as she hungrily gulps down every drop she can hold.

    I can imagine Sheryl standing up, turning and arching her back. As she slowly bends over, she spreads her ass cheeks and slips a finger into her tight backdoor. While she slowly fucks her own ass, I stroke my cock back to attention and then one at a time, insert a string of beads into her tiny opening.

    "Do you like, it? Do you like the beads in your ass?" I ask.

    The only answer is a deep moan as Sheryl reaches between her legs to play with her soaking snatch. Quickly, I remove the beads, and ignoring the shriek of pleasure, I ram my raging hard-on into the burning heat of Sheryl's asshole. I can hear her gutteral moans as my member pushes deeper and deeper into her tight hole. I can feel the flesh of her hips as I grab then and ram my manhood all the way up to the hilt. As the rush of orgasm is upon me, I withdraw my cock, push Sheryl to her knees and unload another wad all over her face and hair. Her hunger for cum can be quenched only by rubbing my cock over her face and then licking the salty, sticky semen off of my still hard penis.


  • I've been an ass man for a very long time and Sheryl's is magnificent. In SS20 we see just a hint of her bush. It looks like a heavenly place to lightly scratch around in just before you lower your face to lick her. That lounge chair would be the ideal setting for it too. I can't imagine a more mouth watering sight than her voluptuous body, slightly reclining in that chair with a stocking clad leg hung over each arm. I hope it's scotch guarded because after about a one hour toungue lashing I'll bet she soaks it.

    Actually her whole body demands licking. Her skin looks so smoth and creamy that it would probably be like licking an ice cream cone. With those marvelous breasts looking at you, it would be hard not to start anywhere but the top. In SS12 her head is cocked slightly to the side, exposing the delicate curve of the neck. What a sensual delight it be to slowly lick and nibble your way across that neck to the soft flesh of her shoulder. I'm sure it would be tough to linger there more than a few second before continuing on to the main course.

    What a set of breasts! Ohhhh to feel the weight of these lovelies cradled in your hands. This would be place well worth wasting a lot of time and saliva on. Even if it took all day, it would be well mouthing every square inch of those wonderful globes. And I can think of no better dessert than a taste of her nipples. In SS5 and SS6 her nubs look to be about 1/2 inch in diameter, just the right size to suck on. In SS19 we see her lightly carressing them. Hopefully that means they are as sensitive as they are delicious.

    Tearing yourself away from those twin mounds of joy would be murder, but the promise of more heaven to come would surely ease the pain. Dragging your toungue over such wounderful soft flesh has a way of a man forget all about any troubles of the day. After all only a quick trip in and out of her navel stands between you and paradise.

    After that it would be hard to decide the right road to travel. Whether to take the long road home by licking and nibbling you way down her legs, drawing out an already unbelieveable moment. Or to take the direct root lightly scratching across her inviting mound before burrying you face in Nirvana.


  • WOW Sheryl.. I'd love to nasty and dirty with you Sheryl. I'd start with your your nice firm, full breasts, licking and sucking and making the nipples nice and hard and firm.... Making my way down your tummy licking and kissing my way down to your sweet juicy pussy.

    mmmmmmm.... I'll have you know that I just love eating pussy! And when it is one of a girl as attractive as you it is an added turn-on!.

    I'd spread your legs and get down between your legs and lick and nibble around your pussy getting your all hot and horny. Making your pussy get all wet with anticipation of feeling me dive my tongue deep inside you. I'd take the tip of my tongue and lick between your full pouty lips and let the tip of my tongue brush over your clit making you tremble and utter a low moan! Then I'd work your lips apart so I sould lick the fill length of your slit, covering every nook and crevis with my tongue.

    I'd lift your legs up so that your bottom was exposed and lick all the way down to your cute little rosebud anus and give that some special licking too.. probing and exploring you there then work my way back up to your hot pussy and lick and nibble on your clit till you came in my mouth as I sucked your hot hole!

    Then with my mouth still wet from your juices.. I'd slid up and kiss you so very deeply and passionately letting you taste the sweetness of your hot body! My cock would be nudging at your pussy which you would thrust up to meet me and I'd gently slid my hard cock into your waiting pussy and push slowly into you.. inch by inch until I had all of me burried to my balls inside you!... Slowly at first I would pump in and out of you as we kissed and I licked and nibbled on your neck.. then I'd pick up the pase and start nibbleing and nursing on first one breast then the other as I pounded my hard throbbing cock so very deep inside you.

    After you had cum a couple of times I'd roll off you and turn into the 69 position so you could suck my cock and get all of our juices off of it while I munched on your hot steaming pussy, When neither of us could stand it any longer I would have you get up on your knees and fuck you so very hard and deep from behind nmaking you cum so very hard on my cock.. I'd be saying "Come on Sheryl.... Come on baby.. come for me.. cum so hard!.. I want to feel your juices soak my cock!!" . Then when you were right at your climax I would cum so very hard in you.. filling your hot pussy so full it would be running out of you! Then we would lay next ot each other and rest.. each knowing there are still more places to explore and more ways to make you cum Sheryl!


  • I know for a fact that I'd like to be the first to suck those nipples! I'd gently lick my way around each one of your huge breasts and finally settle on your sweet pink nipples, lightly tugging them into my warm mouth. Then I'd gently knead each of your breasts with my hands and tease your nipples with just the lightest touch my fingers would allow.

    Presumably by this time someone else would be pumping his siff cock up and down between your legs and I would have to be content to rub your clit in hopes that both you and he would soon have your first orgasms. And he would cum in great torrents as I kissed your tits and you came for the first time of the evening.

    After the first guy had finished, perhaps you could be convinced to take my member deep into your cunt - with you on top - while another of my friends slowly worked his long hard prick deep inside your asshole. Suddenly I would feel the extra pressure of the other "guest" insideof you and would do my best to hump you in time with his slow, sensual motions.

    Your breasts would be beating effortlessly against my chest, your beautiful red hair would be swirling about my face and as you felt the first indications of your impending orgasm you would plant those lovely red lips to mine. While still kissing deeeply you would feel the prick in your ass unload a mighty stream of hot cum and as you convulse with pleasure I, likewise, would shove my cock as far into you as it would go and shot my sticky wad into you.

    Afterward, your cunt would be filled with yet another rock hard penis pumping slowly in and out of your clinging cunt, as you gently take my declining member into your mouth and lick and suck it until it is once again is stiff and straight! But all too soon the friend whose been pounding his cock into you would cum and colapase, without your having been pleasured. So at that moment I would plant my lips on your cum soaked pussy lips and start sucking your clit, tasting the cum of the others, mixed with your juices, as I massaged your clit with my tongue and work it as deep as I can inside your warm, moist pussy- all the while your lips would still have a firm grip on my stiff cock. Your husband would be there silently watching from the side of the room as you and I pleasure each other with our mouths and tongues. In the end you would scream and beg for me to come in your mouth, and when I did, you would swallow it down greedily as you experience the overwhelming orgasms caused by my oral invasions.

    Only then would your husband get into the act. After he enters the scene - those of us "visiting" would back off and watch you and your husband as he impales you and soon empties his swollen cock into your wet and waiting pussy.


  • I know nothing excites me more than crawling under the sheets to find a wonderfully squeezable woman like Sheryl. I can just imagine sliding up behind her naked body as she lay on her side facing away from me. This is one of my favorite positions of all time. It gives you the best opportunity for maximum enjoyment of her delicious body.

    By sliding the arm against the bed under her sensous neck it becomes really easy to carress her magnificent breasts. I can almost feel them now. As she lay on her side, their weight would cause them to settle down into my hand as I gently start to kneed them. In SS10 we get a really good look at how gravity can make an already enticing sight so much more inviting. Slowly but surely her sleepy form would begin the journey back to conciousness as I slid my hand on around those glorious globes to tease her nipples. Each minute would bring her closer to reality, and as the dreams slowly slipped from her head I can imagine her nipples starting to harden as she begins to realize she's about to be ravished.

    Meanwhile the other hand would have slipped over the top of her sexy form to explore the gentle curves of her soft belly. In SS13 we get a hint of what a luxurious playing field it presents. In the picture the soft creamy flesh is broken only by the dark band of her garter belt, but in bed nothing would impede my hand as it traveled a slow orbit around her navel. As she begins to respond her legs will probably start to shift restlessly. This never fail to present the idea chance to move further south into the steamy jungle of paradise.

    In SS18 there is just a hint of the forest of hair we encounter first. Even though the're not as long and silky as the locks on her head, it would be a shame to pass up the chance to run my fingers through it. Finally, the gentle tugging of her pubic hair brings her fully awake.

    Her first clear thoughts are of the hands on her breasts and crotch and as her firm fleshy thighs instictively part to allow futher exploration, she realizes she is wet. As her top leg comes up she will unconciously follow my lead as subtle pressure from my hand causes her to drape her smooth calf back over my body. This serves to ease her into a comfortable position, but one in her womanly charms are lewdly displayed and easily accessed. With her legs spread in such a manor, one probing finger reveals her excitment.

    As the questing digit slides over her swollen clit, her outer lips un-fold of their own accord. A gasp escapes her mouth as her hips buck at the intruder. She's obviously ready for mounting, but as she rolls backward to prepare to be taken, she is suprised as steady, firm pressure rolls her forward till she's face down against the matress.

    She body now lies motionless now as if she seems to take stock of this new development. It is clear that she expected to be on her back being rutted by now, but even as she starts to turn to confront the leading man in this dance of passion, she feels an insitent knee slip between her velvety thighs. One knee is followed by another, and the cool air against her back is replaced once more by a chest as my weight settles on her body. A little separation of knees is all it takes to once again expose her damp sex to the world. The feeling of my organ cradled between those fleshy ass cheeks is almost more than I can bear.

    Her thick mane of auburn silk involuntarily parts, obscurring her vision and exposing the nape of her neck. This truely is too good a target to resist. As tougue hits bare flesh, it's easy to hear the hissss as Sheryl sucks air through tightly clenched teeth. her hips start a slow grind upward almost as if they miss the attention they were paid before. I've got to have her now.

    Sadly I have to lever myself up off her prone form, almost regretting the move as my hard pole slips from between her marvelous ass cheeks. A quick glance down reminds me that there are much better things to come. Kneeling between her outstretched thighs, I once again apply my fingers where I think she wants them the most. As one finger slides to the top of her slit in search of her clit the thumb of the other hand dives straight for the bottom of her heated pool. Both hands move in unison as Sheryl begins to convulse. She had started to try to rise, but the intense pressure seems to be setting her on fire and sapping her strength. As her bucking and groaning increase in pitch and tempo the next unexpected turn takes her quite by suprise.

    Reluctantly my thumb slides out of her flooded cavern only to be replaced with the thumb from the hand that's teasing her clit into a frenzy. Before she even realizes it the wayward digit has come to rest on her anus. The juice that had flowed their earlier in not mingled with the fresh batch on my thumb and that combined with a gentle downward pressure carries it deep inside. Sheryl gasps at the new intrusion but still manages to regain control of her body.

    Slowly she climbs to her hands and knees as I wrap my arm under her springy belly, both to help her support herself and to better reach the little pebble at the top of her slit. As the pad of my finger glides over her trigger I succumb to my lust and slide my rod all the way into her waiting sheath. I can feel it pulsing through the thin membranes separating her pussy from her anus.

    In a short few strokes both of us reach a shuddering climax. and as her warm recieving insides, spasm around my penis and my thumb, I release a shower of sticky come inside her.

    Sheryl is the first to drop back to her stomach as all her muscles relax at once. Both my cock and my thumb are left behind as she falls and a sharp pop can be heard as they both withdraw at once. The shock wave seems to echo out through her body causing one last jerk before it finally comes to rest. I allow my own weight to rest on one arm and both knees as I use my last free hand to lightly carress her back and shoulders.

    Soon her breath deepens as she returns to the sleep she was draged from earlier. Carfully I ease myself from the bed and exit the room. When she wakes much later it will probably take her a while to realize that she never did get a good look at her erotic dance partner and only a pool of drying sperm will be left to convince her it wasn't a dream.


  • When I saw you I went from soft to rock-hard in 2 seconds......haven't beat off for a long time, but decided this was definately an exception..... luckily, the bathroom at work was empty...didn't take long to erupt in a stream of cum.....

    next day at work i grabbed all of the pics of this lovely woman that i could......sheryl looks hot, but a little innocent and yet slutty....

    what harm could there be by sending off a little note telling them both how much i appreciated their sharing...and how hot it got me...little did i know how far it would go...

    what started off with a simple letter, turned into several mutualy satisfying nasty phone calls...then what i really wanted........ to fuck the hell out of sheryl..

    i was able to get away under the guise of a business meeting...what my wife didn't know couldn't hurt me..... we met at the coffee shop in a seedy hotel...i spotted her right away...she was hotter in person than the photos....she had on a simple button-up shirt buttoned down right at her ample cleavage with a tight, short skirt with what looked like stockings.... i gave her little peck on the cheek and then joined her at the we started talking, i noticed all of the attention that she was getting.....several men found an excuse to walk by and admire this hot woman....i was getting hard at the of these men was probaly her husband.....that excited me even more..

    it didn't take long `till i was sitting next to her with my hand up her leg....nothing on underneath, what a slut....i'm sure several people noticed as i fingered her right there at the table...i was ready to explode...judging by how wet she was, she was too..

    luckily the room was was an older hotel with a rear sliding door opening up to a patio...although the drapes were closed, there was enough of an opening so that someone looking in the sliding door would get a great shot of the bed....i hoped that someone would be watching...

    we stared to hands started around her back, just above that great ass..then moving my hands down to fold the skirt up.....sheryl's hands moved down to unbutton my hands exposing my rock-hard cock.... gently stroking....sheryl broke off our kiss to get on her knees and started to give me the best head that i've ever gotten......i unbuttoned and removed her shirt exposing her beautiful d cup tits..........

    she moved back up to kiss me...i could taste the saltiness of my sweat in her mouth......i took off my pants and sheryl removed my shirt.... on the bed i dove in between her thighs enjoying the taste of her hot, wet pussy......

    finaly...after looking at that hot cunt...beating-off thinking about it .......talking to her.....i shoved my rock-hard cock deep into her...we both moaned at the sheer pleasure that we felt....we continued to fuck for every imaginable position.....

    i went home with the intent to be the one watching next time as my wife gets fucked....that is another story...


  • Sheryl, I ask you to remove your clothes and lie face down on the bed. As you remove your clothes, I do the same. As you lie there, on your stomach, I kneel next to you and begin to massage lotion into your shoulders and back.

    I slowly kneed your shoulders and into your arms. Then I move into your shoulder blades and the middle of your back. As the lotion is absorbed by your skin, I apply more, and slowly massage and caress you until no more can be absorbed. At this point, I move to your lower back. I slowly caress your back and waist, just barely teasing your ass with my hands and the lotion.

    Finally I straddle your legs and you feel my cock (which is very hard by now) drop onto your ass. I slowly apply the lotion and rub it into your ass cheeks. I squeeze your supple flesh as I knead your ass, applying the slick lotion to one cheek, and then the other. I squeeze your flesh as my erection grows even further.

    Finally, I can't resist and I start to gently rub my cock between your ass. Just letting your ass squeeze gently against my throbbing cock as I knead the lotion into your ass. I pull your cheeks apart and squeeze them firmly, rubbing the lotion deep into your crack. I massage every inch of your flesh and into your thighs.

    Finally I turn you over and kiss you deeply. Then I start to massage your chest with the lotion. It doesn't take me long to reach your breasts. I slowly squeeze them as I massage the lotion into them. I cup underneath them, fully exposing them to the lotion and my hands. I start to pull on the nipples as I caress them, and you begin to moan. You look at me with a "Fuck me now" look and I respond "In time!"

    I massage your breasts until the nipples are firm and dark with arousal. I then start to massage down your front, licking as I caress your stomach. I spend time licking your navel and kissing your soft stomach as I start to rub the lotion into your thighs. Finally I push your legs apart and see your pussy, very wet and your clit full and your lips parted slightly.

    I immediately suck your lips into my mouth, tasting your pussy as you gasp. I suck on your lips as I rub your clit. I continue to suck as I thrust my tongue deep into your wet hole. I then move my mouth to your clit as I suck it. I then pull your lips apart so I can gain access deeper into your hole. As I rub them between my fingers, I lick as deep into your pussy as I can.

    I then bite slightly on your clit as I lick your pussy along it's length. You start to shudder in an orgasm as your pussy becomes wetter and wetter. My cock can't wait any longer and I pull you to the edge of the bed.

    In one quick thrust, I bury my cock deep into your pussy. I start to fuck you deep as I know you like it. I can feel my cock rub along your pussy and feel the tightness as I go deep into your pussy. I reach up and pull on your nipples as I fuck you deep and hard.

    I feel your pussy convulse around my cock and I thrust deep as I cum in your pussy. This amplifies your orgasm and we both cum together in a wonderful orgasm as I fill you with my cum.

    I lay on your stomach and kiss you, my cock still in your pussy. We roll onto our sides and kiss as I fondle and suck on your breasts when I'm not kissing you. We fall asleep this way, my cock still in your pussy.

  • After months of exchanging Email, I was really excited to be in your part of the country on business. I know I've told you and your husband many times that I loved your pictures, but it's wonderful to meet you, and know you also have a personality. Smart, funny and really sexy... even with your clothes on!! I was surprised to find out that you would be coming to meet me alone when your husband couldn't make it. I just hope I can control myself enough not to make you mad, or embarrass myself.

    Well, we are almost finished our second drink in the hotel bar. I can't believe we've been sitting here this long and I've only had 2 drinks. The conversation has been so much fun, neither of us much really cared about the surroundings. I have spent a lot of time sitting here thinking about how great it would be to have you go up to my room with me. I think we both knew almost immediately, that that might be a possibility. I am trying to be good, but the alcohol has given me just enough courage to not mind getting slapped. I ask you if you want to go back to my room, you lower your eyes and nod. After I sign the check, I take your hand and we walk to the elevator.

    As much as we talked already, neither of us seem to be able to find any words right now. We get on the elevator with someone else and we're still holding hands. I'm rubbing your palm with the tip of a finger and you're trying to make me stop without attracting the attention of the other person. When he gets off, you give me a playful little slap on the hand. I hold both hands so you can't hit again and bend forward to kiss you. It is a long soft kiss that we end when the doors open.

    We are a bit giddy as we go down the hall to the room. It's not from the alcohol. It's with the expectation of what is going to happen. I know I feel just like a high school kid about to have his first sexual experience.

    We walk in, and the only light on is in the other room next to the bed. We can see, but not to well. We are a few feet into the room when I turn and face you. We both just stare, not really sure of what is going to happen next. I hold out my arms and you take my hands. I step closer and kiss you lightly on the cheek. I kiss you very gently once on the lips, then again and again. I drop your hands and put my arms around you.

    We just hug. As we stand there, in each others arms it feels so good I never want to let go. While still holding you close, I kiss you neck. I kiss up your neck and to your cheek. We tilt our heads and kiss again. Only this time it is with the heat of passion. A long hard kiss. Mouths open and tongues exploring. The kiss lights a fire that excites us both.

    While we are still kissing, my finger tips are rubbing very lightly on your throat and upper chest. I brush lightly across your breast with my finger tips, and you take a deep breath. As I continue to touch your breast, even through your clothes, I can feel your nipple getting hard. I start to use the palm of my hand to caress your breast. I back away a bit so I can use both hands on your lovely breasts. After looking at those pictures I know how beautiful your breasts are and now I want to see them in the flesh.

    I step back closer in front of you and start to unbutton your top. You look into my eyes with a look of approval. I open your top and pull it down. I kiss your shoulders, your throat and your chest. I kiss to the edge of your bra across both beautiful breasts. I stand up straight and we kiss again. You unbutton my shirt and I take it off. I ask you to take off your bra. You tell me I can, but I want you to do it.

    You look down, you're a bit embarrassed I think to myself. The bra unhooks in the front and even though you unhook it, you don't let go. You are covering yourself now trying to act coy, but really you're still embarrassed. You look at me and smile. It's one of those soft sexy smiles I'd seen in some of the pictures. I reach out with both arms and you take my hands. Your bra drops open and your big, beautiful breasts are now bare.

    In the dim light, I see them for the first time. Beautiful!! Hard nipples!! Very inviting!! I use both hands to rub and fondle you tits. I clip your nipples gently between my first 2 fingers so only the tips of your erect nipples are showing. I use my thumbs to rub them. It makes you squirm and there is a soft moan. I put my hands under your breasts, hold them, and bend to kiss the hard nipples. I start to suck your nipples, one, then the other. I suck the nipples over my teeth and you moan lightly, once more.

    I stand and pull you back close and we hug and kiss. Your warm tits are pressed against my chest. We are now both consumed with the passion. As we kiss I am rubbing your ass and pulling you even closer. Our crotches are rubbing together and you can tell how excited I am getting. I put a hand under your skirt and slowly rub up your leg. As I reach your thigh I find out you are wearing nylons and a garter belt. Damn!! I know they are the same ones I've seen on you so many times before. I don't know if that is the way you normally dress, but I am hoping you wore them for me.

    As my hand moves higher I discover you aren't wearing panties either. I reach behind and rub your great ass, pushing you into my crotch harder and harder. I start to slowly move my hand back around you thigh and between your legs. As I rub the inside of your thigh, your legs a bit. I don't even think you know you did it, you just did. I pull up your skirt and rub your bare thigh. You are quivering as I lightly touch your pubic hair.

    You are already wet. It makes me feel good that are as excited as I am. I take off your skirt and step back to admire the beautiful woman in front of me. You seem a little embarrassed about my starring at you. I move toward you and we kiss again. You start to rub my legs and crotch. You can feel my cock through my pants and rub it with the palm of your hand. You don't understand why we are still standing in the middle of the room, but everything feels so good, you don't mind that we haven't moved yet. I rub up and down on your pussy with my palm and fingers. I bend my finger just a little, so as I move it up and down, it spreads the lips, but just a little. With each move up and down, my finger goes in a little deeper into your wet and inviting pussy.

    You open my belt and then undo the button on my pants. You slowly pull down the zipper and the pants fall to the floor. You rub my cock through my shorts for just a few seconds. You stop and pull down my shorts and I kick them off. You rub my balls and cock with an open hand. As you take my cock in your hand you gently stroke back and forth. It feels so good to have you touching me it is hard to concentrate on pleasing you. My finger has been sliding up and down on your pussy and going deeper with every move. I slide my hand up and a finger brushes across your clit. I hear you say "oh, yes", very softly. You whisper in my ear.

    "Fuck me... fuck me now!!"

    They are the first words spoken since we got in the room. Words I'll remember forever. I don't answer, but I know it's not time yet.

    I put my finger inside your pussy, as deep as it can go, and wiggle it around. I remove it, and it is covered with your juice. I rub the wet finger on your nipples. They are wet enough to glisten in the light. As my finger goes back inside you, I lick the sweet juice off your nipples.

    First one then the other. I now know how it will taste when I eat you. I want lick every part of cunt and tongue your clit. My finger comes back out and I lick it dry. You are still stroking my dick, only now it's quicker. You can imagine what it is going to feel like inside you.

    Sliding in and out of your cunt. Your muscles tightening around it each time it slides back, as if trying to not let it escape. My fingers continues explores every inch of your pussy. Each time it touches your clit, you take a short deep breath. I take my finger out again and rub it across my lips. You lick the juice from my lips and we kiss again. I have never wanted anyone more than I want you now. You're rubbing my cock and balls and I am finger fucking you. We are both moving our hands fast and hard. I kiss your neck and bite you ear lobe. We are both breathing hard.

    You say, again... "fuck me, please fuck me now!!"

    I still don't answer, but again I think, not yet. I take your hand and put it on your pussy. I guide your finger in and you are fingering yourself. I watch you for just a second, then I take your hand out and lick the juice from your finger. I put your finger back in and remove it when it is wet. You put your finger in my mouth and I suck it dry. While I am sucking it, my fingers are all around the inside of your cunt. I take them out and hold my fingers to your mouth. You take them in and suck and suck. Your tongue is licking them. I can't wait until it's my cock that is getting that same sucking. I picture my dick in your mouth, sliding in and out. But I know that it's not time, yet.

    I put my finger back inside you, only this time it's on your clit. I rub it gently. You tell me to fuck you!! It sounds like a order. You say it again,

    "Fuck me!! I want you to fuck me!!"

    This time I answer, it's the first time I have spoken to you.

    "Sheryl I will fuck you, but not yet... not yet" is my answer. I'm rubbing your clit, first soft, then hard. You now understand that I am going to bring you orgasm standing right there. And no matter how much you ask, we are not going to fuck...yet.

    I whisper in your ear... " I want you so bad. I do want to fuck you, Sheryl. But I want you to cum like this first" I continue rubbing your clit, and you spread legs wider. You are now stroking my cock faster and harder, jerking me off!! "You are going to cum too!!", you tell me. You continue to talk...

    " I want you inside me!! Your hard cock in my pussy."

    You are trying to make me even more excited, and it is working!! I know that I am going to cum soon. You know it, too. You can feel my cock starting to twitch and you jerk faster. I have stopped teasing your pussy and am only rubbing your clit. Rubbing soft circles that are growing harder every second. I tell you I am going to cum soon. " I want you to eat my pussy!! I want to suck your dick!! I want you to fuck me!!" You are ready to orgasm. We are both breathing hard, gasping for our breath.

    "I want my cock in you!! Everywhere!! In your mouth, in your pussy, in your ass!! I want to bend you over and fuck you up the ass!!"

    " Yes!! Yes!! Please, fuck me up the ass!!"

    You're cuming!! We are rocking back and forth. You nipples are harder then ever before. Your hips are thrusting at and imaginary cock in your pussy. "Oh yes, yes, yes...don't stop... just don't stop" you tell me. You didn't need to say it though, nothing was going to make me stop.

    Now, I'm coming too!! My cum squirts out onto your leg as you jerk on my cock. We are cuming together!! Our knees are buckling as we hold each other very close. We are both saying things the other can't understand. You are jerking my cock and each move makes me jump. I am still rubbing your clit, only softer now. We are both finished, but we know not to stop yet. We both let out a very, very deep breath. It feels like the first breath we've taken in several minutes.

    Your pussy juice is all over my hand. I keep rubbing your clit stopping only to slide my fingers deep into your dripping pussy. You hand, still around my cock, is sliding back and forth very slowly. It is covered with my cum. I bend down and kiss your pussy and lightly touch your clit with my tongue. I then take my wet hand and rub it all over your tits. I lick off every drop and feel your nipples starting to get hard against my tongue. You take your hand and put it to your mouth. You lick my cum from your fingers. You bend down and kiss the head my small, soft cock. You slowly suck it into your mouth, licking it clean. You can feel me in your mouth, already starting to get excited again.

    We have started teasing each other. We both enjoyed what just happened and we both want to experience more of each other. This time though, you want more control. But now, I make you stand. We kiss and hug, our naked bodies pressed hard. It is somehow different. It's not just passion or lust. It feels deeper than that. You take my hand and lead me toward the bedroom. I wonder what is going to happen next...

    We walk to the foot of the bed and climb in. We are there on our sides and I lightly rub your side. You jump a little and tell me to stop. You are ticklish!! I start to tease you by tickling you. You are squirming around, laughing. You're telling me to stop and seem to be getting a little bit angry. You roll over on your back and keep pushing at my hands. I get up on my knees and step across you with one leg. I lean down on my hands and am on my hands and knees over you. I just stare at your lovely face. I bend down to kiss you. I kiss every inch of your face, finally getting to your lips. I kiss you over and over on the lips, all very light, quick kisses. I kiss down your neck and across up to your ears. I'm nibbling and tugging at them with my teeth. I kiss my way down your neck to your breasts. I kiss them everywhere except the nipples. I lick, very close to the nipple and them blow my breath over the moist spot left by my tongue. It gives you a chill and your nipples stand even higher. I start moving down the bed as I kiss your stomach. I lick your belly button and it makes you giggle.

    I move down further and kiss down your right thigh. I kiss your knee and your leg. I want to kiss every inch of your body. Whenever you look in the mirror, whenever you dry yourself after a bath, whenever you get undressed you will not be able to find a spot I haven't left my kisses. I lift your leg and kiss your calf, then the back of your thigh. I kiss across the edge of your ass to the other leg. Up across the inside of the thigh to the top of your leg. Kissing down your leg, I lift it to kiss the other calf. I stop and look up at you. Your eyes are closed and there is a very sexy smile on your face. Your hands are on your breasts rubbing your nipples. I continue down your calf and thigh. As I lower your leg I start to kiss your crotch. I kiss all the area covered with hair, but not the lips of your pretty vagina. I ask you to turn over. My voice startles you. You were so consumed by the good feelings you almost forgot I was there, but you do turn over. I crawl up to your neck, brush your hair aside and kiss across your neck and shoulders. I kiss and lick your arms.

    I run my tongue down your spine to the crack of you ass. I kiss all over the cheeks of your beautiful ass. It is lovely to look at!! I crawl back up in the bed and get on my knees straddling across your waist. I lean forward to massage your shoulders and back. I rub my fingers up and down your spine and the rest of your back. I move further down the bed and start to massage your cheeks. I bend down and bite one of the cheeks!! Not hard, just a nibble. I move next to you and continue rubbing your great ass. I run my fingers down the crack and you spread your legs. I move back so I can enjoy the view of your pussy and your ass. I am so hot!! I really want to start to fuck you!! To turn you over, spread your legs and push my cock into that lovely wet pussy, but I'm not through playing yet. I enjoy the foreplay as much as anything else. I want our lovemaking to last as long as possible. 

    I tell you to turn over on your back. As you are doing that, I get up a go to my suitcase. I say "I brought a little surprise. A little toy for us to play with." You look over and I'm holding a vibrator. It's nothing more than an ordinary white plastic vibrator, but as you look at it you smile with expectation. You roll your eyes and drop your head back on the pillow. You let out a deep breath that sort of moans as it comes out. I lay on my side next to you on the bed and rub your tits with my hand. I don't turn it on, but I start to rub the vibrator over your tits. I still haven't touched your nipples. I bend over and lick one and move back away. You tell me, "Suck my tits", and I am more than happy to do it. I lean down and start sucking and licking all over them. I reach across with my hand so I can rub and squeeze the other while sucking on the nipple in my mouth. I press my teeth against your nipple and suck in. As I suck I open my teeth and your nipple scrapes across them. You squeal with delight. I do it again and again. Each time you jump and squirm.

    "Oh babe, suck my tits... suck 'em hard"

    I suck as much of your wonderful breast into my mouth as can fit. Flicking your nipple with my tongue as it is sucked in and out. I let it slip out and just start to lick the nipple lightly. I turn the vibrator on and start rubbing it all over your chest. As it gets nearer and nearer your nipple you arch your back more and more. You want me to rub it on your nipple. I touch it to your nipple and you sigh.

    "Push it harder against my tit." I press it on the nipple and the vibration is making ripples across the whole breast.

    "Fuck me, please fuck me!!"

    While I still play with your tits I say, "Not yet, honey. There's still so much else to do with you."

    I kiss down your stomach and move myself between your legs. As I get closer to your pussy, the smell of you is making me go nuts. I give you the vibrator and you keep running it all over your breasts. Just watching you do that is enough to make me cum. I kiss your vagina lightly. I press my face against your crack. I pucker my lips and it spreads you open a little. I push my tongue in and take one long slow lick, from top to bottom. At the top my tongue touches your clit and you jump. I start the lick again. From top to bottom... again... again... and again. I press my face against your pussy and stick my tongue in as far as it will go. I lick and lick all over the inside. You put your hand on the back of my head and push me in deeper. I use my fingers to spread your pussy open and you spread your knees as far as you can. Your feet are pressing onto my back.

    "Don't ever stop eating me!! Lick up all the pussy juice I made just for you. Lick my pussy clean."

    You push on my head as if it will go all the way into you. "Oh God, I'm cumming!! Don't stop!! Don't fuckin' stop"

    I lick harder and quicker. Your whole body is shaking and your hips are thrusting your cunt into my face.

    After a minute as the wave of your orgasm dies down, I lick slower. I back my face back a bit and continue to kiss your pussy. I move over so I am no longer between your legs, but leaning down across your stomach so I can still continue to kiss your pussy. I push into the top of you dripping pussy with tongue to find your clit. There it is!! Still hard from your orgasm. I lick tiny circles on it with my tongue. I get the vibrator from your side and rub it up and down on the lips of your vagina. I push it in a few inches and slide it back out. I do it several times. I am licking your clit a little faster now. Your one hand is rubbing the back of my head and the other is on your tit. As I spread your legs more you tell me how good it feels.

    "Lick me just like that... eat me... make me cum again!!"

    I slowly move the vibrator down to your ass. I press the very tip against your asshole. I am flicking your clit with my tongue faster and faster with each second.

    With the tip of the vibrator against your ass, I turn it on and press it against you. It doesn't go in, but it does make you groan. Between the vibrator on your ass and my tongue in your pussy you are cumming again. You don't say so, but it's obvious. You aren't saying any words... your head is rolling side to side... your back is arched and one long moan is coming from your mouth. This continues for what seems like minutes. I turn off the vibrator, but continue licking your clit. You are so sensititive now, each touch of my tongue makes you jump a little. I move the vibrator and put it in you pussy. I push it in about halfway.

    When I take it out I rub it on your asshole for some lubrication. I rub it all around your ass. When I put it back in your cunt, I put it in all the way. It's about 8 inches long and you really seem to enjoy it. I'm licking your clit even faster again. I take your hand and put it on the vibrator. You immediately start fucking yourself with it. When I turn it on you stick it in as far as it will go and only slide it in and out a little. I'm licking your pussy hard and fast now. I take a finger and rub it on the bottom if your pussy to get it good and wet. I push your legs apart and put my finger on your asshole. I gently push it in to the first knuckle. You grab my hair in your fist and are pushing me against your clit. I lick even faster and harder. I push my finger slowly, all the way into your asshole. I start to slide it in and out as I reach up with my other hand to grab your tit.

    "I can't believe what happening to me!!"

    You are pushing the vibrator in and out as quickly as you can. I can see it disappearing into your hot wet cunt. My finger is fucking your ass as fast as it will go. I am squeezing your tits and nipple as quickly as I can find them. And all the while I'm still eating your wonderful cunt.

    "Don't stop... don't stop!! Eat me you bastard... fuck me and eat me!! I'm fucking cumming... don't stop... I'm cumming... I'm cumming, you fucker... I'm cuming!!" You are gasping for breath, arching your back and shaking all over. You push my face into your pussy with your fist.

    "I'm cumming... squeeze my tits... push it in my ass harder!!" You are fucking yourself as hard as you can while I lick your clit. "I'mmmmmm... stilllllll... cummmmiiiinnngggg!!!!!!!! Just don't stop yet!! You cock sucker... you'd better not fuckin' stop!!"

    Your ass is bouncing up and down. Your legs are shaking. Your head and shoulders are up off the bed. You eyes are clamped shut and your head moving quickly side to side. My finger, my hand, my tongue are all still working on you. Suddenly you yell... loud.


    And you fall back limp. I stop everything but my tongue, but it is hardly touching you. Your hand is still on the vibrator and it's running, but I don't think you can feel it anymore. I slowly pull my finger out of your ass and even when it pops out you still don't move. You are still catching your breath.

    "Well, how was it??", I ask.

    "It was wonderful, but now you can relax and let me take care of you, OK??"

    After we move around, you are now lying across my chest and turn your head to look back at my hard-on. You reach down and grab my cock and start to jerk me off.

    "I want to make you cum by hand right away. Then I can take my time and make you really enjoy what else I'm going to do."

    I know it's not going to take long to cum. I was ready when I was eating you. The aroma of your pussy was driving me crazy. Your taste, your tits, your ass were all driving me fucking nuts!! I tell you it won't take long. You are still across my chest and looking up at my face, still beating me off. You start to talk dirty to me...

    "I can't wait to feel you cock in my pussy. Do you want to fuck me?? My cunt will be wet just thinking about your dick in me. I'll mount you cock and ride and ride and ride. Does it sound good??"

    I know I'm gonna cum soon... "Yes it sounds great... in your pussy... playing with your tits."

    "Are you ready to cum for me baby?? I want to watch you shoot. I want to see what is going to be inside me." Come on, baby... cum for Sheryl while I play with your wonderful cock... come on, baby!!"

    My back is arching up and my hips are thrusting as if I'm fucking you. "I'm gonna cum!!" You turn your head and watch my cock. "Cum for me... cum for me, baby." You squeeze me harder and move your hand faster. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! I'm cuming!!" You're watching as I shoot my cum out of my cock. "All of it, get it all out for me." you say as you continue jerking my dick. You slow the movement of your hand, but with each stroke I jerk forward. There is cum on my stomach, my cock and your hands. You kiss my face as you sit up next to me. You bend down and use your tongue to lick the drops of cum off my stomach. "MMMMMM...sweet." When you get it all, you rub your hand on my nipples and wipe some of the cum on them. You start to lick and suck my nipples. You bite and lick them, and it feels good.

    You sit up and straddle yourself across my stomach. You start wiping my cum from your hands onto your tits.

    "Lick your cum off my breasts." You bend over so they are hanging down in my face.

    "How could I resist tits like these."

    I grab them and lick and lick and lick. Sucking your nipples and getting all my cum off them. I have never tasted my own cum before, but I don't care. I would do anything you ask me to do. I am so hot!! I want you so badly, I would do anything.

    "Yes, yes... lick your cum off my tits!!"

    I don't want to stop sucking your nipples and licking your tits, but you start to pull away. You go to one side and lay your head on my leg. My cock is soft and still covered with cum. You immediately take it into your mouth and suck the cum off. Sliding it out of your mouth each time you lift your head.

    "It's all clean, and now it's time to start again."

    You lay next to me with your head at my chest. Again you lick my nipples. You are making them wet. You pick up the vibrator and put in your mouth. You lick it to make it wet also. You start rubbing it on my nipples. Then you turn it on and continue rubbing them. My nipples are harder then they have ever been. You suck on one and rub the other, and switch back and forth several times. You turn off the vibrator and rub it down my stomach. When you get to my cock you drop the vibrator and just start rubbing it with your palm. You kiss down my stomach to my crotch. You lick all over, but not my cock or balls. I am going crazy. My dick is growing hard and I want it in your mouth.

    "Sheryl... blow me... suck my dick, now... please... suck it!!" You laugh and say "Not yet. You're not ready yet."

    You come back up to my face and tell me to lick between your breasts. "Make them wet and slippery." After I do, you position yourself between my legs with your tits on my thighs. You push them together around my cock. I start to move my hips up and down, fucking your beautiful breasts. I have a wonderful view. You great tits wrapped around my cock. It is sliding up and down with the head poking out with each stroke. I reach down and start to play with your nipples. I wet my thumbs and use them to rub your nipples. I start to fuck them faster. But now, when the head comes up, you kiss it. The next time, you lick it. I slow down the thrusting so you can lick it slowly when my cock comes up. Then when it appears from between your tits again, you give the head a little suck and I stop moving completely.

    "Will you suck it now?? Please blow me. I want to watch my cock sliding in and out of your mouth... suck it... please."

    "No!! Soon, but not just yet."

    You move back farther between my legs andpick up the vibrator. You press it between my balls and turn it on. It makes me almost jump out of the bed. You cover my balls and the vibrator with your hand and the vibration is making me wild. You move the vibrator to my cock and start to rub around the head. You suck one of my balls into your mouth, moving it around with your tongue.

    "I want to fuck you!! I want to hold you down and stick my dick in your pussy and fuck you!! I want you legs spread wide and on my shoulders so I can see your cunt while I fuck you!! Let me fuck you!! Tell me to fuck you now!!"

    "Oh baby, we're not going to fuck for a long, long time. I still want to make you feel as good as you made me feel before. How am I doing??"

    I can hardly stand it. If you don't make me cum soon I'll explode.

    "You're doing just great!! Keep it up!! Keep suckin' and lickin'. Make me cum!! Suck me now!!"

    You back up a little and move around so I can see your pussy. "Watch me... here is the pussy you will be getting your dick in."

    You slide the vibrator into your cunt. Sliding it in and out several times, it gets very wet and slippery. You move again and rub the tip of the vibrator on my asshole. Then, finally, you bend down and start to suck my cock. You are sucking hard while rubbing the vibrator on my asshole. I put my hand on your head and keep pushing so my cock goes in as far as possible. You turn the vibrator on and push the tip into my ass. "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH... yes... yes!!" Everything feels so good. You start to fuck my ass with the vibrator. You stop sucking my cock only long enough to say

    "How is it baby?? Can I put it in a little farther up your ass??"

    "You can do anything you want... just don't stop sucking my cock."

    I take your head and start to fuck your mouth. I am watching as it slides in and out of your mouth. You are gently fucking me in the ass and sucking as hard as you can.

    "Honey, I'm gonna cum soon... I want to fill your mouth with cum... don't stop... please don't stop!! Yes!! Slide it in my ass!! Suck my dick!! Blow me, honey!!"

    You keep doing all the right things and I'm ready to cum. "Don't stop, bitch!! I'm gonna shoot in your mouth!! You're so good!! Don't stop sucking my cock... suck it... suck it harder you mother fucker!!"

    I grab your hair in my hand and thrust even harder. I don't think I'm hurting you, but I really don't care at this point. You have driven me to the edge and I about to cross over it.


    I'm still fucking you in the mouth. I can feel my dick against the back of your throat. You're fucking me in the ass with the vibrator and sucking as hard as you can. I keep shooting again and again. You won't stop... and I can't stop!! My back is arched to keep my cock in your mouth and you are still sucking.

    "Yes!! Suck my cock dry, Sheryl!! Suck it!! You like to suck cock, don't you!! You like me cuming in your mouth, don't you??"

    I can't believe how long this orgasm has lasted. "Suck me, honey!! Suck it good!!" After what seems like several minutes I go limp and fall back flat to the bed. My cock is still in your mouth and you are sucking slowly. Your tongue is all over my dick while it's in your mouth. It all feels so fucking good. The vibrator is still in my ass, but you stopped moving it. You slowly pull your mouth up and off my cock. You gently pull the vibrator out of my ass. "OOOOHHHH!! I can't move..." You rest your head on my thigh and smile. There is a weird look on your face and a very evil twinkle in your eyes. "Well, I think we might be even now. How do you feel??" I am thinking to myself that if I were keeping score, we wouldn't be even. I would be so far ahead I would have lost count. The things you!! That's what I'm thinking, but all I can say is "UUUGGGHHH!!" You turn toward my cock and you can see it shrinking as it gets softer and softer. "He looks like he had a good time." You move your head and lick my cock as it get soft. You cover it with your mouth and flick it with your tongue while it's in there. Finally, with a slow soft suck you pull your mouth off of it. I wish it were hard again. I can't move, but I want to make love with you. I want to lay you down and start to slowly fuck you. I want to see your pretty face as we make slow and wonderful love to each other. I don't want to cum, I just want to keep it in you and fuck and fuck and fuck. But reality is, I still can't move, much less get another erection.

    You climb up and lay next to me. We kiss each other passionately.

    "God I want you Sheryl."

    "Well, we can rest for awhile, and when we wake up, you can have me... I want you to fuck me... and I want to fuck you like nobody ever has."

    You lay there in my arms. I move down and put my mouth on your breast. "Can I fall asleep with your nipple in my mouth??" You don't talk, you just say MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM..."


  • Sheryl,

    We get out of a nice shower and you lay me on the bed. You take my penis into your mouth and begin to slowly move your tongue around as you fondle my balls. You continue to suck and then move to lick my balls. You push my legs up and begin to lick my asshole. This feels so good as you lick my ass and play with my balls.

    You move back up to lick my balls and finally back up to my dick. You lick and kiss and suck it, occasionally taking it deep so I feel it hit the back of your mouth. You then straddle me and bury my dick in your pussy.

    You start to ride me up and down and it feels so good. I can feel your tight pussy and feel the head of my cock thrust deep into you. It is a wonderful sight to watch your tits bounce up and down as well. You start to thrust faster, and I feel your pussy tighten on my penis.

    Your hips slam into my pelvis as you come down and your pussy feels so good. I watch you have an orgasm as you ride me. You lean forward and kiss me, your tits pressing against my chest. Then you pull of of me and we get in a 69 position.

    You lick your juices from my dick as I suck on your pussy and clit. I move up to lick at your asshole and you moan with pleasure. I lay you on your back and continue to lick. I then thrust into you and begin to fuck you deep and hard.

    Your pussy feels even better than before and I soon cum deep in your pussy. I move down to lick at your pussy. I thrust my tongue into you, tasting our juices and licking your pussy and clit. I push your legs above you as you had done to me and lick your asshole and kiss your sweet ass.

    I lightly spank your ass and thighs as I suck on your pussy. Soon you are having another orgasm and I am hard again. You get on your hands and knees and I enter you from behind. I thrust deep into you, but slowly as I lightly slap your ass and pull on your tits.

    I withdraw from your pussy and put some lube on my penis and your asshole. I slowly work myself into your tight ass, playing with your pussy and stopping occasionally. After I enter, I slowly stroke in and out as I put a finger in your pussy and grab your ass with the other hand.

    As you start to loosen up, I thrust slightly faster and harder, as I finger your pussy and rub your clit. I continue to slap your ass lightly and squeeze your ass as I increase my speed.

    Soon I am pumping your ass as if it was your pussy; deep and fast and hard. You start to moan as I finger your pussy and fuck your ass. I tell you I'm about to cum and soon we both explode into an orgasm. I cum hard in your tight ass as your body shakes with ecstasy.

    I withdraw and we kiss. We quickly clean up and lay next to each other as we caress each other and kiss. Your warm flesh feels so good next to my body. Soon we fall into a blissful sleep.




  • Sheryl is utterly increadible. I want to stretch her out face down on a green hillside under a blue sky. I want to slowly work scented oils into her back, casually talking about whatever comes to mind.

    Working the muscles along her spine and shoulder, soothing the tension and care out of her body. Working slowly out her arms I would take the oppurtunity to examine her face in close detail. Brushing light strokes I would work back down her back to her delectable ass where I would make slow deep strokes. I would start kneading her beautiful butt with each hand squeezing deep into the muscle.

    When her body was soothed and relaxed I would turn her over and stretch her out. I would work my hands accross her chest, lifting and playing iwht her breasts, running my thumbs around her nipples and gently squeezing them. I would bring my mouth to one and lick and suck upon it, feeling it grow hard in my mouth, teasing it with my tounge. While one hand still plays with the other nipple I move my other hand up to her neck and gently caress it. Playing with her nipple with one hand, cradling the back of her neck with the other I begin kissing my way up to her neck. I want tofeast on her throat, kissing and softly biting while one hand entwines itself in her hair lifting her to me. The other hand would reluctantly abandon that strawbery nipple to explore the deliscious curves of her hips and stomach. Feeling the soft smooth skin at my finger tips and the warm lushness of her thoart on my lips I burn with lust, I feel her passion as she writhes beneath me, suckinging air in between clenched teeth.

    I rise from her neck, catching my breath and hunting her eyes. I slowly, gradually, deliberately move towards her lips. Our eyes are locked as the chasm between us evaporates. She is not quite sure of what to expect, but quivering with desire for whatever may happen.

    Even with so slow a progression the first contact is a suprise. My lips brush against hers and a velvet lightning bolt leaps through us, though the kiss we fall into is a model of chaste restraint. Slightly parted, our lips slide closed, tugging on one annother in greeting.

    We pause for a brief moment to evaluate this recent gentle devestation. Deciding we liked it we both proceed more boldly. An outside obser would notice no more than the faintest hesitation before we begin an escalating series of kisses, each a fraction more passionate than the last, opening wider with each surge. Our tounges, jealous of the lips good fortune, begin to play in the game. Flicking out hesitantly at first than with more assurance and then need they dance an ancient erotic tango.

    Feeling light headed at the abrosia of her mouth a part of me finds my roaming hand has crept closer to her curly sex. I run my splayed finger tips down between her legs. This elicits an animal moan from her into our ongoing kiss. Her legs spread and she tilts her hips forward for more contact. I begin kissing along the line of her jaw while I allow my fingers to dance slow curves along her thighs. She squirms with desire, breathing through the chills I am causing to race along her nerve paths. Crossing my hand between her legs I brush over her lower lips but briefly. As that hand explores her other leg my lips return again to hers. This time it is I who is suprised at the kiss, for the tiger inside her has wakened and seeks to slake its lust.

    She grabs my head and jerks us together, her lips and tounge everywhere on my mouth and I respond in kind. Gentleness has been forgotten while the animal inside us makes its way to the fore. We bite at each others lips and thrust our tounges into each others mouths, wanting to taste and feel every iota of the other. My palm is mashed against her pussy as she grinds it against me. I have hooked a leg inside her leg and am thrusting against her thigh with pent up need. Gripping my fingers into her hair I pull her head back. She fights me but I have the advantage of position. I smile lustfully at her and begin slowly to run my finger tip along her lower lips. When I reach the bud of her clitoris she sighs and relaxes some. I bend forward and begin to light my tounge along the lips of her mouth in tune with my finger tip below. She moans her need to me as I feel the wetness begin to rise to lubricate my fingertip's journey along her lips.

    I run my fingertip over the top of her clitoral hood pressing against that tiny focus in slow cirular movements. I move up and down her lips SLOWLY opening her up and bringing her wetness up to her clit in a slow steady rhythm. She realxes back into my hands and stare up at the sky though half lidded eyes lost in what my fingers and mouth are doing to her. As she floats in a sea of pleasure I return again to her delightful neck with my mouth, taking small gentle kisses from collar to ear. I begin to use two fingers to rub her nether lips, when they get to the top I gently hold her clit between them and begin moving in slow careful circles which a very slowly increase in tempo.

    When her breathing has started to become slightly ragged and her clit starts getting dry I move back down along her pussy and gently pull some more of the devine liquid back up. Pausing briefly to cirle the clit I move my finger back down her lips, pushing more firmly and feeling them begin to slide open and my finger tip begin to slide inside. When I reach the bottom the tip of my finger is already well inside her and I slowly begin pusihing it further into her. She is so slick that there is not resistance. She lets out a moan at this, leaing one hand back to support her she reaches for her nipple with the other and begins playing with it.

    Finally my finger is burried into her as far as it will go. I begin moving it in slow churning circles as I begin to rub her clit with my thumb. She works her hips in time with my fingers, dancing upon the ground, her heels dug into the earth, leaning back with my hand supporting and holding her head, one hand supporting her while the other pinches and plays with her nipple. She is moaning as I gently pull my finger out of her and insert two together into her. She lies there, legs spread wide, fucking my hand as my two finger move inside her and my thumb rubs on her clitoris. The tempo increase rapidly and her eyes open wide as she nears orgasm. My hand is thrusting into her faster and faster and my thumb keps up it's insistant call upon her engorged clitoris. Her fingers are clawing into the ground and she is singing her need with moans and muttered words of supplication. She pours of the edge in a waterfall of ecstasy, coming like a river leaping off the side of a mountain. Gasping for air and shuddering as the pulses run through her body I lay her back down on the ground.


  • It's about three in the afternoon on a sunny day. Its' too hot to be
    in a suit, but there I am walking into the hotel lobby in full
    corporate uniform. I see you from across the lobby. It looks like
    you've just come in from the pool. At first all I see is your striking,
    fiery red, full head of hair. As the crowd between us thins I'm
    treated to the full view. White, well filled out half blouse, a blue
    pleated skirt cut to the middle of your welcoming thighs and white
    sandles that show a glimpse of your red painted toenails. Your skin is
    slightly pink from the sun and your hair is wonderfully windblown.

    I rush to get to the elevator without being too obvious. There are
    lots of people waiting to get on but, I subtly manage to get on with
    you. We move toward the back as everyone crowds in. I manage to
    maneuver behind your voluptuous form and catch a wiff of your perfume.
    AAAHHHHHHH, the intoxicating mix of perfume, perspiration and sunblock
    that I hope is yours. The people shift around the elevator as some get
    of and others get on. For a glorious three floors you are pushed up
    against my briefcase. Oh lucky briefcase, what I wouldn't give to bend
    down glimpse at those delightful thighs.

    My floor is the next one so I move forward to get off. What's this?
    Your moving up too! We're on the same floor! Oh somebody is truly
    testing me. We both get off and walk in the same direction. My room
    is first and I don't want to be obvious, so I go in without seeing
    where you stop. You IDIOT, why didn't you take a shot at least?

    I strip off the uniform and jump into the shower. Just the latent
    scent of your perfume gives me a hard on so I slowly stroke my cock
    thinking of the vision in the elevator. Caressing your hair, stroking
    your arm, moving to your breast and feeling its' full weight, running
    my other hand up your wanting thigh, feeling your weight push back
    against my rock hard cock. The water from the shower runs over my cock
    coating it with waves of warmth, like your wet pusy would feel, helping
    me slide in and out with long firm strokes. It doesn't take long to
    shoot my load, since there's only one to please. Ahhhh, it feels good
    to release the tension of the day.

    The heat has taken its' toll and I fall asleep in my towel sprawled
    crosswise on the bed. I wake up to a knock at the door. Groggy from
    sleep I almost forget I'm in a towel. I quickly throw on a robe and
    answer the door. A slight bit of a woman is there rattling something
    about room service in broken english. "No that's not me, it must be
    next door" I certainly don't need champagne and chocolate covered
    strawberries tonight. I close the door and head for the phone to get
    my usual in room gormet cheeseburger. An hour later I ready to doze
    off for the night. Just before I fall off to sleep I hear some
    laughing and cooing through the wall. Oh great, at least somebodies
    going to get laid tonight!

    Its' probably the thumping that woke me up. The tell tale rythmic
    pounding, that can mean only one thing. Showtime! To a guy that
    travels alot this is a real treat. Usually all I get is the sound of
    some other guy jerking off in a magazine just like I am. This is great,
    and a moaner to boot. I can hear the volume rising with each steady
    powerful thrust. Whoa these two are really going at it. He's moaning
    and breathing as loud as she is. Every few strokes I'll hear a "fuck
    me" or a gasp with an "OOOHHHHHH YESSSS" thrown in for good measure. I
    didn't know how long it would last, but it was about all I could take.
    Cock in hand I began cranking away. I tried to match their pace,
    driving the image of him ramming and her moaning, into my busy hand.
    She must be amazing, I've never heard a guy scream out like that! Yell
    after yell, thrust after thrust I swear I can hear flesh slapping
    flesh! I blow my own load with a deep grunting moan of my own. No way
    they heard me over that show. Shit, I came all over the sheets. Oh
    well, time to jump in the other bed.

    I'm thinking what a shame to waste a shot like that on my hand, it
    should have been in the gripping pusy of that redhead on the elevator.
    I quietly curse myself again for not trying to at least say Hi and hear
    her voice. Oh the price of fidelity on the road! With my hand not
    wanting any pillow talk I fall off to sleep again. Dreaming of creamy
    thighs, a welcoming smile and red hair above and below!

    In the morning I get up and take my time getting out of bed. After
    coffee and some of the paper I jump in the shower. No meeting till
    after lunch, great. Catch up on the phone, e:mail and chill for a few
    hours. Out of the shower I through on the robe and check for messages.
    As I listen, I see out the balcony that its' shaping up to be another
    scorcher. After the phone I walk towards the sliding door thinking if
    I get used to the heat now maybe it won't be so bad later. As I open
    the door to walk out I hear a familiar groan. What was that? I move
    to the edge of the balcony and look over. hmmmm, nothing there. Looks
    like the hotel is the highest building around, but there's nothing of
    any interest to peep at anyway. Bummer, guess I"ll take a lounge and
    enjoy the sun.

    As sit on the lounge chair it creaks on the hard tile. I look up to
    see a flash of white material droop itself over the half wall that
    separates my balcony from the one that provided me with such delightful
    jerking off sounds last night. Probably the maid trying to air the
    "scent of a woman" out of the quilt. Not big enough to be the quilt
    more like a towel or a ROBE. I can't see over the wall from where I am
    but I can hear that someone is there. Thinking I'll catch of a too
    skinny maid I casually change my chair position to get a better look.
    Holy SHIT! Its' you, my redhead, the apple of my hand, stark naked and
    cupping one beautiful pouting breast and reaching for that glorious,
    and now visually verified, red furry triangle with the other! This is
    too much! I'm frozen. Do I move taking a chance that you'll see me
    seeing you? I can't, the sight is just to overcoming to think about
    any possible penalty. That thick red hair blowing lightly in the
    breeze. The entire wonderful rubenesque profile of a women standing
    right there, in all her awesome masturbating glory!

    Not caring about anything but the hot girating corpulent body in front
    of me, I ease back into my lounge chair to watch the show. Without
    thinking I reach down and grad my throbbing rod and begin to stroke.
    Slow down boy, this is to good to blow. Make it last, make it last.
    She is really stroking her pusy now, I can see her hand taking a long
    deep plunge into her heavenly depths and then draw her fingers out then
    back in for another dip. Her breaths are getting short and heavy.
    She's reaching up to pinch her erect nipple, oh please look over hear
    and beckon ME over to do that!

    Her head starts to tilt slightly back as she begins to stoke her pusy
    faster and faster. In my mind I'm jumping that wall and plunging my
    head between those creamy pink thighs, putting my girating tongue where
    it will surly do the most good. Taking deep breaths in between licks
    so I can take in all her her womanly musk. But that 's not what's
    happening, she's fingering herself into a frenzy and I cranking my rod
    for all its' worth. Oh what I wouldn't give to lick that pusy until
    you scream with delight. She's really getting into it now, when the
    wind shifts slightly I catch just a hint of her wonderful scent. Hell,
    I can hear her finger squishing in and out of her jucy pusy. She's
    groaning deeper now fingering faster, finding that magic button of a
    clit that I want to lick soooooooo baaaad! She better come soon or I'm
    going to throw myself off this balcony! I can see her body undulate
    with the waves of pleasure as they circle out from her pusy to the rest
    of her shaking womanly flesh.

    In one small moment of actual logical thought, I wonder if she knows
    I'm here, yanking and cranking like like a teenager in heat! No way,
    she's way to into her own waves of pleasure to notice me, besides what
    would it matter if she did know I'm here, she kept going right! I
    didn't sneak out here on purpose, it just happened. In that split
    second I have to try one thing. With my free hand I run one finger
    from my now wide open crotch up my stomach making a circle around my
    nipple and then working it in and out of my mouth a couple of times.
    Interrupting her fingering rythum she mimics the exact same motion with
    her hand! This is too much, she knows I'm here and she likes it! She
    quickly moves her hand back down but this time she use both hands to
    part her chubby pusy lips and expose the pink button that going to send
    us both right over the edge. She works her clit with long circular
    index finger stokes. Her whole body begins to quake with orgasm! Her
    moans and pants match the shaking and quaking. All that beautiful hot
    flesh in motion is too much! I'm looooooooosssssiing IT! My cum
    shoots at least a foot into the air and lands on my stomach. My whole
    body is vibrating with pleasure. She's still coming! Its' amazing to
    watch her whole body literally shake like she's in an earthquake.
    She's holding back what I know would be screams if she wasn't out in
    the open. Instead she takes short gasps of air and moans with delight.
    Finally her body stiffens for one final wave of orgasm then relaxes to
    let her breathe.

    I remain frozen not knowing what to do next. She takes care of that.
    With one quick motion she retrieves her robe and moves back into her
    room. I do the same, still rubber legged from my own mind blowing
    orgasm. I jump back into the shower and quickly get ready to check
    out. As I head out the door and turn to the elevator I see a man with
    a suitcase standing by the button but it hasn't been pushed. I look
    over at him and then push the button myself. As I do I hear a room
    door close behind me and hurried footsteps aproaching. The elevator
    door opens and I walk in. As I turn to push the lobby button I see my
    lovely parting gift for this trip. My quaking redhead is standing
    there with the man I saw waiting at the elevator. This must be your
    husband. My heart races as they both step in and set their bags down.

    I don't know whether look at her or him so I do neither and kept my
    eyes glued to the decending numbers of the elevator. This is nuts! I
    can't have done what I did with this woman and never make eye contact
    with her. Fuck it! I look gently in her direction. Damn, no
    reaction. I try again only longer this time and with ample reward. In
    the most subtle of ways she moves her hand up the middle her gorgeous
    body pausing just for an instant at her full breast and then up to her
    mouth. I was the most subtle of movements meant for only me to
    understand. BINGO! That and a brief locking of our eyes was all the
    contact we had.

    We never spoke or even touched but we shared to deepest and most
    satisfying sexual experience I've ever had. I didn't cheat on my wife,
    she didn't cheat on her husband (the luckiest guy in the world) and
    everyone goes on their merry way.








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