The following are actual emails from my fans.


  • My favorite photos were where you showed off your enchanting vagina. What I liked most was not just the mind blowing beauty, or even the sight of your swollen clitoris surrounded by your moist invitingly pink inner lips ... no it was your warm and friendly smile. That enchanting smile said to me what words could not ... "I'm so sexy and I want you to share my treasure as a friend ... I want you to sit back and enjoy the view."


  • What fantastic pictures! Sheryl, you are very erotic and truly what a woman should look like. Women should not be paper thin and look like a tomboy. Your shape is very beautiful. Your full breasts, ample hips and lovely cheeks are  what really drive men wild. Best of all, you are a redhead! The world is full of blondes and brunettes...not everyone can be a true redhead. Your red hair, soft skin and ample looks are the standard all women should try to achieve. Keep up the good work, I would love to see more of your erotic body!


  • I can see why you love to show her off. She is unbelievably beautiful!!!
  • Tell your wife I really enjoyed her photos, and I would love to see more. She is a beautiful woman.


  • Dearest Sheryl, Thank you for sharing such beauty with me. Your smile has brightened my day And your sensuous displays adorn my dreams at night.


  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have just finished going through your magnificent photo collection and I am almost lost for words ... and that is really saying something.


  • You have the most voluptuous body I have ever seen in all its naked wonder. That is not to say I didn't like the photos of you with clothes on ... on the contrary.  Some of the shots of you clothed were nothing short of glamorous. I particularly like you in your white negligée ... I'd love to have you walking around my house in it.


  • Because you have such fantastic breasts, your bra shots look very seductive. And as for the sneak shots with your open blouse, I feel like I have come across a real treasure chest when I look at them.


  • Very tasteful. She is a lovely woman. Thanks for sharing.


  • Thanks for sharing with us the pictures of your wife. You are one very lucky fella! Sheryl is not only a beautiful woman but she has a fantastic body as well. I came four times while viewing the pictures. Jeez you sure are lucky!


  • To be perfectly blunt, your wife is just about the best looking woman that I have seen on the Net. I got an erection when I saw her picture, and as soon as I had some privacy, I most definitely masturbated. I look forward to seeing future pics of this lovely lady. At the rate that I have been masturbating with this one picture as inspiration, I will have cum at least 100 times by the time the series is complete.   Please, keep up the good work and PLEASE tell your wife that she has a most ardent secret admirer! I envy you!


  • I must admit, those are nice pics! You have a mighty fine wife there, guy.  I don't know, I've always been partial to red-heads... :)  There is something  incredible sexy about a woman who isn't afraid to reveal herself. An allure that grips at your loins, and raises the penis. I'm one of those types that likes all women: big, small, blonde, brunett, etc.

    After I downloaded the pics, I sat there and gazed at my screen. A lump rose in pants, a tingle began in my groin. I looked at the next picture and saw her beautiful, natural breasts. Oh, how I wouldn't mind taking those nipples into my mouth. By this time, I've got a good erection going, so I slip my hand down to my crotch and begin stoking myself through the fabric of my shorts. I gaze upon those lovely, lovely nipples, then move my eyes down to the junction of leg to torso. Ah, what a lovely flower patch we have here! I toggle throught the pictures faster. I remove my shorts and lean back against the chair. Left hand toggles, right strokes. I stare at the lovely smile, I gaze at her breasts, I imagine what it must be like to hold on to her hips...

    Whew! Thanks!


  • I think your wife is incredibly fucking hot. There is nothing sexier than a beautiful voluptuous woman, especially one teasing you being in her underwear, which is almost as good as finally seeing her naked. Your wife was definitely worth the wait. My monitor is next to my bed and I could get off all nite long, she has the greatest breasts.


  • There is nothing sweeter than a redheads wet slit. I love plump heavyset Women with heavy ass cheeks, a fine belly and a sopping wet gash that drips nectar as i devour it for a few slow, long hours..You are a lucky man to have such a fine one.  If you EVER need a extra "throne" for her to lower those fine ass cheeks on and sit for awhile..I am your man...look forward to more.


  • Sheryl is hot!!!! Actually I thought she would make great jerk off material of I dumped the GIF to my color printer. I hope you aren't offended but I really like creamy skinned red heads. :-)


  • I love it when she is just sitting there on the chair showing me her ripe nipples and beautiful muff!  Can you share her with me????


  • Your wife is a VERY BEAUTIFUL woman. Out of all the terabytes of crap I have EVER down loaded off the network, I would certainly rank your wifes pics as the most worthwhile stuff I've ever seen. Sheryl has made my day.


  • Sheryl is just fucking out of sight!!  I love to jerk off while looking at her. I'd love to eat her pussy and have her cum all over my face.


  • What can I say...but the truth: She is stunning. Ruebenesque, assuredly, and in the most glorious of ways. She is blessed with a figure of a goddess. I see quite a few amateur shots, but hers are soemthing else. (and well lit, too) Her best features are her winning smile, her creamy perfect looking skin, AMAZING hair, and curves that I'm sure can cause whiplash in unsuspecting men from a 100 metres away as she enters their field of vision.


  • I masturbated while looking at your wife. I imagined the warm supple feel of her breasts against my penis as I fuck her tits.  I caress her face and beautiful hair as I fuck her tits. Finaly I cum all over her chest and smiling face, only to sleep like a babe in her wonderful bosom that gave me such pleasure.


  • Your wife is REALLY REALLY beautiful and I wish I could have one like her!! All I know is that I'd really make her scream and cream if I was able to eat her muff. I really dig muff eating.


  • Thanks so much for the pictures of you wife. I just finished wacking off to them. I thought of how great it would be for her to have her lips wrapped around my hard cock as I held a handfull of her red hair and forced her down on my dick. I shot my load while looking at her and pictured myself shooting the hot load all over her tits and face.


  • I think that your wife Sheryl is gorgeous. I don't have the words to say anything without offending you...let's put it that way. I think I am in love.


  • Sheryl is a very nice looking woman. I would like to fuck her. I especially like her tits (but who wouldn't). I would love to rub my dick between her sweet breasts as she played with her pussy, cumming all over her breasts, chest and sweet nipples. Then I would suck her tits as I cleaned off my own cum. Then I could suck her pussy and clit (and maybe lick her asshole) until she had an orgasm. Then we could have a nice long fuck session with my dick in her juicy pussy.


  • Before I wrote this letter I had to wipe my cum off the back of my hand! Wow, is Sheryl one beautiful woman, and boy, are you one lucky guy! She's got such a beautiful smile. And those pendulous breasts are simply mouth-watering!!!


  • I have become so tired of seeing skeletized anorexic women with fake breasts... At last, a REAL woman. Sheryl is the hottest woman I have seen on the internet. She makes the information super-highway quite a bit more real. How fortunate you are to have a woman like her!


  • Sheryl has begun dominating my fantasies. That little half-smile is driving me NUTS, as is that beautiful red hair! You are a very lucky person!


  • I am SOOO sick of seeing those frail, anorexic cyber-wimmen on the net. I much prefer someone like Sheryl.


  • I want to tell you and Sheryl that she is a very beautiful woman..and that red pussy hair is something else ... if I had a wife like that, I would be licking/sucking/fucking her all day long... I would love to see more of her... any thoughts of making a video of her? Would I like to have sex with her, in a minute... I would give her an orgasm after orgasm, and then I would slip my hard thick cock into her pussy from behind, and watch her rock backward and forward in a mirror, and see those large, heavy tits of hers, swing back and forth... This lady is built for comfort.. lets see more of her... please....


  • I'm looking through the pics right now and I think they are great. Your wife has really great tits! I would like to put my cock between her tits and rub it back and forth. Do you do that with her often? I have a total hard-on right now here at work from looking at her. I'm tired of rubbing my cock through my jenas, so I think I will go to the bathroom and masturbate thinking of putting my cock between those lovely tits!


  • My dick got hard as I progressed through Sheryls photos. She has wonderful breasts and nipples. I bet they get hard when you suck on them. I especially like the contour of her hips. I am partial to a woman's hips. That's usually the first thing I look at. Give my regards to your wife. Tell her I intend to fantasize about her.


  • Your wife has a GREAT - GREAT smile and a LOVELY set of tits! She could suck my cock and smile at me like that afterward ANY DAY! In fact that's what I'm about to think about as I stroke my cock! I'd just love to have that beautiful warm mouth of hers enveloping my prick , moving up and down, sucking me until I blew my wad into the back of her throat, and then to have her look up to me and smile like that...! I'm about to cum just thinking about it!  Give her a REALLY GOOD FUCK - for all of us out here just looking!


  • Sheryl, you have an amazing body. It is very, very sexually exciting. It has made me very hard to look at and I have paid you tribute in just the way you thought I would. I will again. Maybe again in just a few minutes (you are so hot). Thank you for letting us in to see you in all your glory. Your husband is one lucky man.


  • Just finished looking at Sheryl's pics and jacking off to them. She's BEAUTIFUL!! I got an instant hard on and started fantasizing about licking her tits and nipples and running my tongue along her pussy and up her ass.


  • I have REALLY enjoyed these pics. I think that Sheryl is an extremely sexy woman and I think that sex with her would be a fantastic experience. I have masturbated several times while looking at the pics.  Most of the time I can't help myself I start thinking of what it would be like to touch her, to slowly caress her soft skin, to feel her body pressed against mine. You are a very lucky man.


  • First, I want to thank you for the pictures of Sheryl - they're great!  Second ... my cock is standing straight up! I's love to have her sit on my face!  I'd love to hold and caress her breasts ... suck on those BIG nipples ... make her have many orgasms before all three of us made love. I can imagine her pussy juice tasting great!


  • I would like to wrap her tits around my cock and try a tit fuck. She has the perfect boobs for it. Does she give good head? I've known two large breasted redheads that reeeeeeealy liked anal if they had a couple of drinks and I used some good lube. Is she into that at all?  I think the best thing would be to fuck her while you watched or maybe while she gave you some good head. I wonder if she might be interested?  Like I said before she REALLY turns me on. Do you think she might agree I printed Sheryls photos and laid them out on the bathroom floor and had a great jerk off. I think she is gorgeous!!!!


  • Sheryl's got all the qualities I want in a hair, great curves, and is bigger than an A cup. Who would want one of those scrawny, breakable A-cup models, when you can have a REAL woman like your wife.


  • VERY NICE :) I have loved red heads for a long time and your wife is FINE. I'd like to see more of her(hmm) she is VERY beautiful.


  • Woww!! I instantly fell in love :) How old is she? She looks stunning. I like 'big' women and your wife gave me a real, hot, hardon. I took off my shorts, put some oil on my cock and wanked myself as I stared at those fleshy breasts :)  Your wife is going to be a 'stayer' in my bookmarks, so I can enjoy myself now and then and play with my cock while I fantasies about her and her smell, taste, kissing and licking that gorgeous body, hmm... :)


  • Sheryl seems to be very pleased with herself. I mean this in a positive way. She has a wonderful smile, a woman's figure, and a clear sense of her own sensuality.


  • WOW - I really love all the pics of Sheryl!!!   I kept stroking my cock while slowly looking at each pic. When I got to ss19 I imagined I was kneeling behind Sheryl with my head between her legs eating her pussy. I also got off on ss16. I enjoyed seeing the swell of Sheryl's hips ad imagined holding onto them. Finally, I put up both ss16 and ss20 and got down to some serious fantasies. First, I imagied I was kneeling at Sheryl's feet and licking her pussy in ss20 and then slipped my cock into her. SS20 was wonderful - the way her tits rest on her stomach and the swell of her stomach as it comes down to her pussy.


  • Wow! Did I ever enjoy the pictures of your lovely wife Sheryl! I gradually downloaded them, savouring each one, and they just got better and better! I love her body! I would love to have sex with her! Please! Those beautiful big tits....I can imagine them swaying beneath her as I fuck her doggy style with her pretty ass exposed to my view. I would love to see her in a pair of sheer panty hose! I bet she's a horny babe isn't she! I did get my cock out and stroke it as I was looking at her pictures and my wife came along and when she saw the pictures she wanted to see them all too. SO as I scanned through them one at a time, she sucked my cock and commented on Sheryl's beautiful breasts too. We'd like to see her getting fucked doggy style as she knelt on all fours so we can see her pretty red bush and gaping cunt and her tits hanging down too! More! More! Tell her I love her body!


  • Just got some more pictures of your wife... WOW!! are they ever fantastic! She is fantastic too!! I'd love to make love to her all night long!! WOW!!


  • I imagine spending the first hour with my face buried in that lovely nest, tongue probing every part of her wet sex, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm, until she is so exhausted from them she makes me stop. Then, I spend the next hour with my cock slowly sliding in and out of her, my face now surrounded by her huge, lovely breasts. Until the point that I can't hold back any longer. Now I'll go clean off the screen, and dream of adventures to be had.


  • I've had a hard time working today because I keep starig at Sheryl's pics imagining fucking her.


  • I would desperatly love to fuck your wife's brains out repeatedly.


  • Those pictures are among the most erotic I have ever downloaded. I guess its because Sheryl is a real person, not some plastic model.


  • I'd really love to rub her body with warm oil and then play with her beautiful hair while I fuck her tits. Then bend her over and thrust my cock into her soft plush pussy while I hold on to her full round ass.


  • is one guy who want to fuck you. I want to eat your pussy, digging my tongue deep inside you.... i want to cum all over your wonderful tits... Oh.... the things I think of when I look at your pictures....


  • Man oh man oh man oh man oh MAN! Sheryl's big body is gorgeous...magnificent...sumptuous, especially the one's where she shows us her pussy! Great tits!! I know I speak for a few of the other net folks when I say I LOVE amateur photos over all other kinds of photos!

    I'm going to show my wife all of Sheryl's pictures in hope's of having my wife pose for a few pictures of our own. (I've already shot a video of her giving me head! I'm willing to trade...nudge, nudge, wink, wink...) I've printed Sheryl's pictures out to a 600 dot per inch gray scale printer so I can take them into my bathroom or bedroom so I can jack off while I fantasize about her. I love two on one's (two men/1 woman) so I'm thinking about the both of us "manhandling" her until she comes six or seven times.

    Then the two of us would cover her with come all over her pretty face and tits. (This is just one of many fantasy's I use. My BEST fantasy involves about ten men and Sheryl!!)


  • I must give you credit for posting those pictures of your wife on the net; I personally liked them, especially when she spread her legs wide open and let her big, juicy, and pink lips fly.


  • Wonderful photos of your excellent wife! (I have this feeling that I'll be using quite a bit of kleenex in front of the computer screen this evening).


  • I like ss26 best, with her lying there showing everything, with a nice and pink, wet pussy just waiting for me to cum and lick her. I would very much be there with her, and have sex with her! What a wonderful wife you have! I like her big breasts!


  • My cock is so hard and big right now you wouldn't believe it. It would be nice to slip it in your wife's nice red pussy and make her cum all over my big cock. Tell me does she have a tight pussy?


  • YES! Great pussy shot!  I would LOVE to eat that pussy. She can wrap those thighs around my face anyday! Thanks for her pics.


  • I was immediately transfixed by this voluptuous redhead's beauty and stature. She is by far the most gorgeous and arousing of all the plump women on the net, including the professional models.

    I'd love to have sex with Sheryl, were it possible. Yet, I can only dream of bringing her to orgasm several times and each one would be ecstasy for me.

    While viewing the picks I jacked-off and fantasized about; Rubbing, caressing, and kneading Sheryl's luscious alabaster skin...

    Massaging, kissing, and licking her elegant feet...

    Burying my face in that glorious round ass...

    Squeezing my head between her magnificent thighs and probing that superb pussy with my eager tongue...

    Fucking her doggy style and gently fondling her exquisite love handles...

    Sucking, massaging, and fucking her splendidly ample breasts...

    Feeding her my throbbing cock and finally coming on her lovely face.

    I almost made it through a second cycle of the pics before I came and it was one of my more intense orgasms. I'm looking forward to my next session with Sheryl and I hope I have more pics to add to the show.

    Thank you Sheryl for making it all possible.


  • Hi Sheryl... I'd love to show you a picture of my nice big hard cock but I don't have any in binary format to send you. I guess if you'd want to see it you'd have to see it in person. I'd just love to have you playing with my hard cock like I just was a few minutes ago!.. I came so very hard!.. mmmmmmmmm.... it felt so very good.. but not as good as I can imagine it would to be able to cum deep inside you!.. I'd fuck you so hard and deep.. making you cum over and over and over again....

    I look at your pics every night.:).. Makes me hot thinking of how it would feel to make wild passionate love to you all night long!!


  • WOW! Your wife is HOT! I've jacked off several times looking at her pics. I fantasize about tit fucking her BIG TIME! Do you have any shots of that? or mayby her giving you head? That's another fantasy I've got with her. I'm absolutely HOT over her tits. They're GREAT!


  • Sheryl's pussy is everything I expected it to be. I have trouble typing this message because I want to grab my cock. I would love to lick my way up her leg and to that moist inner thigh. Sheryl's thighs are great.


  • I just wanted to say that your wife s *stunning* and you are quite a fortunate man! Thanks for sharing those pictures of her, and thank her for allowing them to be shared!


  • I am sitting here in my office and decided to look around on the net for a while. Wow!! Am I glad I did. I really enjoy looking at "real" pictures and I love BBW's. Thanks for the pictures!! Your wife is a very sexy woman!! My favorite is the picture from the side with her head tilted and her eyes closed. I wonder what she was thinking about??

    She's a busty, beautiful redhead with voluptuous curves. I will see her image the next time I close my eyes to fantasize!! Thanks, again!!


  • Thank you so very much for the pictures of your gorgeous wife, Sheryl. She is by far the most magnificent-looking woman I've ever seen on the net. Already, in my dreams and fantasies, I have hugged Sheryl, touched her glorious face and made sweet love with her many times.


  • I LOVE Sheryl! I'd love to kiss her clitoris right now and get my face wet with her juices!


  • Sheryl is simply fantastic. I think she's beautifull, charming, has a great smile, great body and she's really sexy.


  • Just got the batch of pictures of you off the net. WOW!! I would just love to have my face burried down between your legs devouring you wet juicy cunt!.. Mmmmmmm.. makes me all hard and wet thinging of it! I'd make you cum till you lost count!!


  • Thank you and your wife for sharing a wonderfull photo set with me. I have been sitting here for the past 2 hours stroking my cock and dreaming of fucking your wife in her beautiful ass. You two are truly unique - thanks!


  • I spent the first half-hour this monring with my office door closed and my cock in my hand jacking off to Sheryl's pics. I lved seeing her pussy and get dreaming about putting my figers up both her pussy and ass at the same time. When I got home I put up her pics on the screen to show my wife and we fucked while fantasizing about Sheryl.


  • Your incredibly sexy wife is a prize and is a unique beauty. Please cherrish her, as she is a jewel among rhinestones.

    I would love to love to *love* her, not just *fuck* her but to be a total lover. If she were single and free I would spend as much time and energy as it would take to be fulfilling to her.

    Physically she is a mind-blowing exqisute doll. Sure she is bigger than the average air-head, but she is clearly a lover. You are a truly blessed man and I sincerely hope you and she have a marvelous love-making life.

    My pleaasure with a woman such as she is to be very oral. I take the advice of Robin Williams "When it comes to oral sex... I say *bring a lunch, stay for the day*. I would love to carress her toes with the tip, of my toungue, and gentle move north along her inner thighs and to spend an extra long time exploring every delicious inch of her warm mound.

    Strangely I am much more turned on by giving oral sex to a woman (especially one as tempting as Sheryl) than I am by receiving oralk sex. I can remember some women with whom I spent so much time going down on them that they acrually had 'too much'. This is not some macho brag, it is just that I do love to *make love* to a woman.

    Sheryl is *real*, please take care of her and lover her madly, she deserves the best... give it to her.


  • I hope you didn't mind but I put her on my Wallpaper in my windows Enviroment. And also, I hope you don't get to mad, but she also got shot in the face last night with a huge load of cum. That is of course on my monitor. She is beatiful, that is all I have to say!





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