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My husband loves it when I dress sexy for him when we go out. One time I
wore a sheer blouse with no bra. My nipples were clearly visible to
everyone in the restaurant as they got a good look at my big tits. The
waiter kept coming back to the table to sneak a look. We got great
service that night.

Another time I wore a very short dress with no panties underneath. On the
way to the restaurant that night, we took a stroll in the park. My
husband sat me down on a park bench. My heart was pounding, I could not
believe what was about to happen. What if we get caught? He knelt in
front of me and lifted my dress until it was bunched up around my waist.
I raised my knees up into the air. He gently spread my labia with his
thumbs as his tongue probed every part of my wet sex. He licked up and
down my slit, then further, further down, to my asshole, and flicked it
with the tip of his tongue. He moved back up, then put two fingers into
my pussy as he licked my clit. That sent me over the edge, into a
shattering orgasm. He kept going until I had to ask him to stop.

He said, "Now its my turn to cum." He unzipped his fly and pulled out his
long, thick cock. With the first thrust, he put it all in me, up to the
hilt. He fucked me, right there on the bench, my legs high up in the air.
I could feel his balls slap my ass as he pounded me. It didn't take long
for him to unload a big wad of cum deep in my pussy. His cum dripped down
my leg as we walked to the restaurant.

We sat at a table which was on a platform about a foot above the floor.
Directly across from us, at floor level, was a single guy at a table.
Since there was no tablecloth, he got a good view of my pantyless, freshly
fucked pussy as I crossed and uncrossed my legs.

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